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04 Tips to Finding the Best Teaming Partners for Government Contracts

Finding the best teaming partners for government contracts gives you a competitive edge. Your capabilities are strong in one area, and it just makes sense to partner with another organization that is strong in another area. It even benefits you in the short term since the proposal development lifecycle is so comprehensive. Partner with an organization that will help deliver a quality proposal to the government buyer.

Here’s the math: One strong partnership + one strong proposal = closed-won government contract.

Seems like good odds, right?  Reference these 04 tips to finding the best teaming partners for government contracts as you pursue business with the federal, state, or local government:

#1 Be Attractive

It is your job to be a quality partner yourself. The best way to be attractive to other organizations open to partnership is to ensure that your capabilities are clearly defined, accessible for discovery and that you have a successful track record with previous partnerships.

A public profile portal or proposal management tool will allow you to find partners and be found for future opportunities.

Small business owners are reluctant to partner with larger organizations as prime or subcontractors if past performance reveals that contract wins have only benefitted the latter rather than all contractual parties. Yes, fulfilling MBE or other related requirements is important to win government contracts, but honoring the relationship secures a mutually beneficial partnership in the long term.

On the flip side, larger organizations are seeking small business partners that maintain certifications and great skills. Thus, whether the partnership will be small-to-small or small-to-large, your organization must make a good first impression – so be attractive.

#2 Streamline Search Based on Skill

Once you’ve determined your strengths as a partner, next understand your skill and capability deficiencies. It is okay. Specialization is a good thing, and it means that your organization is a great partner for that specialized capability. Your partner should do the same for you – add specialized skills to the partnership.

Identify skills deficiencies and categorize them under a NAICS code. Categorization will help target organizations and government segments so that you are not blindly selecting partners.

Next, select the best match for partners based on skill and past performance. Simply search for the skill in a shared database like Zbizlink’s proposal management software and qualify partner candidates.

#3 Leverage Your Network

Connecting with your network is one of the best sources for quick partner collaboration. You can reduce search time and eliminate the same headache for another organization. Everyone’s happy.

Happiness is a solid start to a partnership, don’t you think? Use social media channels and RFP software integrated with external portals to publicize the opportunity or connect with other business owners at bidder conferences and trade association meetings.

Your network is overflowing with businesses that want to win government contracts too.

#4 Partner with Competitors

It sounds crazy but consider it for just a second. Double your chances to win and team with a competing organization. You both are passionate about securing business with the government; thus you don’t have to worry about the organization not putting the best foot forward in collaboration.

The trick is deciding if you will be a prime, subcontractor, or explore a joint venture, but in truth, there is an opportunity in each. Iron out the terms and solidify a winning partnership.

Zbizlink will help you invite potential partners to a new opportunity, store partner profiles, and match skill with opportunity requirements for a quick and accurate solution to finding the best teaming partners for government contracts.

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