Basic Features & Benefits

Building proposals has never been easier. Zbizlink guides you though the entire complex and cumbersome process!

User-Centric & Accessible

User-centric and accessible, getting started with Zbizlink and working with your team is easy – you don’t have to spend a ton of time learning how to use it. In fact, learning to use the tool starts with simply creating a profile. It supports team collaboration and simplifies workflow to as little steps as possible.

Manage your proposals from anywhere at any time. Zbizlink is cloud-based and mobile-compatible. Authorized team members always have access to approved modules to eliminate the delay in a workflow.

Use the dashboard to track and view multiple tasks, contracts, and proposals simultaneously.

You have instant access to social media, live chat, notifications, and email—all in one place. When your team members have the best tools available—that is user-centric and accessible and affords easy collaboration—performance and results improve.

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