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How to Find RFP Opportunities?

The request for proposal (RFP) is just as important as the final business proposal. Of course, responding to the right RFP makes a difference in how well your proposal response team will perform for the business proposal.

Before you can win a government contract or worry about how to write a business proposal, you must understand how to find RFP opportunities. Rather – how can you and your Capture Manager or the Proposal Manager align your company’s capabilities with the right RFP opportunity.

It takes skill and strategy over luck.

Read on because in this article you will discover how to find RFP opportunities, or even better, how to have them find you for the best possible outcome.

03 Ways to Find RFP Opportunities for Government Proposal Writing

#1. Sign Up on Bid Sites

There are several bid sites or government contracting portals online that you can use to start your proposal writing journey. Your company can sign up on one or several government RFP bid sites to make sure that you always receive RFP alerts. Here is how it works:

1. Determine the best bid site(s) to use. Start online with a search engine search query like ‘government RFP sites’ or something similar. You will gain a results page with many options. One of the most popular and important options for federal government contracting is

To sign up for an account on, make sure your company has the Dun and Bradstreet Number, incorporation information, and NAICS codes associated with your company.

2. Set up email alerts. In your account, you will have the option to set up email alerts for RFP opportunities. Some government bid sites function differently than others, yet usually there is an option to receive information directly in your email inbox. This is one of the best things you can do to stay on top of the latest bids.

Make sure that your account has accurate and up-to-date information so that the correct bid alerts are sent to your company.

Your local and state government also has e-procurement sites that are specific to government contracting for that specific municipal area. Be sure to maintain an active account for bidding on those sites as well.

#2. Partnerships

As a government contractor, you will find it easier to win bids or RFP opportunities through subcontractor agreements or partnership arrangements. Partnerships and teaming arrangements are great when you want to be more competitive during a bid process or if your company lacks a skill that is a specialty at another company.

Here are 03 advantages to partnerships for RFP opportunities:

  1. RFP is sent to you. Business partners often acquire an RFP and loop in your company via email or another means for communication. You do not have to do the searching at all, and if you are the subcontractor, the prime usually handles most of the proposal response work unless your company is the expert in the required skill sets.
  2. Greater probability to win. Partnering with other skilled companies provides you with a greater probability to have a stronger business proposal and to win the government contract. Quite simply, two can sometimes be better than one. Your company can share the work effort, leverage qualified resources, and use those same resources during the contract period.
  3. Competitive standing.  Partner relationships mean you have more to offer the client and can provide the exact support the client is seeking. Your business partners should be strategic partnerships that provide your company with competitive advantage.

Overall, partnerships can be beneficial for government contracting. Just make sure the teaming agreements are mutually beneficial, your proposal collaboration tool connects all stakeholders, and that the proposal response process leverages team strengths as best as possible.

#3. Leverage Your Proposal Network

Go directly to the professionals in your proposal network or your proposal social network platform to request updates on RFP opportunities or a request for partnership. It is a great way to build rapport and to keep your network active. Here are steps to building your social network platform for RFP opportunities and proposal responses:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Go to the Activity Panel module.
  3. Begin posting announcements or regular bid inquiries.
  4. Invite professional contacts into your social network platform from your contact lists or LinkedIn and Facebook.

The more your company posts, the better, and the more visible are your requests for RFP opportunities. Another great aspect of having a proposal response software with a social network platform is the ability to directly import RFP opportunities into your system for automated response efforts.

Overall, understanding how to find RFP opportunities is the first hurdle to winning the government contract – and probably the easier part of the RFP response process. As long as your company stays strategic, forward-thinking, and uses these 08 tips to forecast win strategy for business proposals, your hunt for RFPs should be successful.   

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