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How to Improve Win Rate for Your RFP Response Process

Legendary sportswriter Grantland Rice said, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

In the world of government requests for proposals (RFPs) and their responses, though, it is about whether you win or lose—and it’s how you play the game that determines the outcome. 

As a business, you want to win a contract. As a proposal writer or coordinator, you want to help that business win their contract. No matter what team you’re on, your goal centers around the end goal of securing the win with the best proposal possible. 

If you want to increase your win rate, there are some steps you must consider. Here are the six steps we’ll cover in this article:

1. Identify your ranking

2. Determine your problem

3. Automate your process

4. Use the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

5. Be honest about deadlines

6. Unify your team

The first two items are preliminary and problem-focused because you cannot explore solutions until you know your problems. So, let’s dive in.

How to improve win rate for your RFP response process

1. Identify your ranking

Unlike athletic teams, unfortunately there are no magic rankings that show which vendor or team is rated highest and most likely to win a contract. But that doesn’t mean you can’t know where you stand. With some quick calculations, you can determine what your current win rate is and determine your satisfaction with that rate. Perhaps you’re a rookie and don’t have much data to collect yet, but if you’ve been in the game for a long time and have an extremely low win rate, you know something isn’t working. And, if that’s the case…

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2. Determine your problem

Are you constantly reaching for contracts that aren’t the right fit? Are you overworked and unable to complete requirements in time? Are your proposals consistently noncompliant? Are there interpersonal conflicts within your team that inhibit smooth workflow? There are endless reasons you could be missing wins, but you have to identify what those reasons are to move toward effective solutions. Speaking of solutions…

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3. Automate your process

Let’s say your problem is time management—your team struggles to meet deadlines because hours are lost on arduous, menial tasks like shredding the RFP, decreasing the team’s confidence from the start. One easy solution is to automate what you can in your RFP response process by using a tool like the RFP Parser, which extracts document information in thirty seconds and pastes it into a user-friendly, organized interface. Within a few clicks, you just gained more time on the shot clock. If that isn’t enough…

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4. Use the help of AI

Did you know that Zbizlink’s software doesn’t just parse RFPs and resumes?  The AI component of the software offers you templates based upon the shredded RFP and helps you get started on writing your response. While it can be intimidating to release your work to AI for the first time, once you experience the benefits, you’ll never go back to wasting time and man power on something a computer can kick-start. If you are using automation and AI and are still struggling…

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5. Be honest about deadlines

Do some serious evaluation here. If you’ve used all the tools at your disposal but are still running out the clock, it could be possible that you’re choosing requests with deadlines that arrive too soon. Check in with your team: does each department have ample time to complete their assigned tasks, or has there been a break in communication? Thankfully, Zbizlink’s software creates a compliance matrix that makes communication transparent and streamlined, no matter what your role is on the team. Giving feedback on tasks, altering a template or adjusting assignments is more than manageable with this program. But if there are questions from your team…

6.  Unify your team

Ensure that everyone involved in your project understands the scope of the work and what their specific roles are. Traditionally, team management can be difficult—chasing down coworkers via email or phone tag, messaging across disparate platforms to convey important messages, all actions that consume precious and limited time and energy. But with automated RFP software, the middle men of various platforms and programs are condensed into one centralized, cloud-based interface, reducing chances for miscommunication, lost data, unclear requirements or simple mistakes. Who wouldn’t be on board for that? If you and your team are ready…

Take your shot

You’re in the headspace to win, and now you’re prepped for making that goal actually happen. If. you’ve been able to analyze your performance and determine what’s keeping you from racking up wins, you have the ability to analyze your work, too. Our all-in-one software does much of the time-consuming grunt work for you, saving you effort and potential loss—but you still have to decide whether or not you really want to go for the gold and what you need to do in order to accomplish that. 

If the way you play the game of government RFPs and proposal coordination is outdated, join the new wave of managers, writers and coordinators who see that RFP automation tools are shortcuts to victory. If you’re new to the game, request a demo of Zbizlink’s premier software and experience the magic for yourself. After seeing how it improves workflow, increases clear communication and saves time (among other things), you’ll never go back to manually handling RFPs and proposals. Follow our six steps for improving your RFP response win rate, and get ready for celebration with your team. 

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