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How to Shred the RFP in 03 Steps

Proposal teams that understand how to shred the RFP with RFP software maximize efficiency for greater productivity and ultimately more proposal wins.

RFP review is one of the most critical steps in proposal management. It takes a lot of attention-to-detail to ensure that you don’t miss the requirements and cost your organization time or tons of money.

That’s why we wanted to share how to shred the RFP in 03 steps.

Ready. Go. Shred.

First, ensure that your organization is officially responding to the RFP prior to taking the time to shred its requirements. Just mosey on over to management’s office and double-check that this RFP is a Go.

Once approved, now you’re ready to leverage proposal management tools and shred the RFP. Make your life easier with an RFP Parser so you don’t have to do it manually and reduce the risk of missing requirements in complex documents.

Step One

Select your RFP in the most manageable format and upload the document into the RFP Parser.

Upload the RFP into the RFP Parser

Step Two

Double-check that all information in the Extracted RFP window is correct and in the right sections. If there are any updates needed, use your proposal management software to drag and drop contents per section.

Don’t worry there are only nine sections to glance over, and editing is a singular action.

Parse the RFP into Manageable Sections

Step Three

Publish the extracted RFP to create parsed sections available for team assignments.

Parsed and Manageable Sections for Team Assignment

You’re done. Three steps. Yes, it is that easy – with the best proposal management software. Zbizlink’s Parser technology reads the contents of each RFP page and AI takes over to map them to the correct section.

Unbelievable? Rest assured that it is real.

Happy Parsing!

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