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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Win Proposals

RFP automation in the proposal landscape

In our technology-obsessed society — in which we have computers in our pockets and the entire Internet at our fingertips — you would think that technology would make your job easier. But individuals and teams who manage and coordinate government RFP responses know that isn’t exactly true.

It’s not technology that makes life easier. It’s the right technology.  

If you’ve tackled a complex proposal before, you know how easy it is for wires to get crossed between managing team members, finding ways to streamline workflow and getting things done correctly and on deadline. Too many platforms, applications and workflow methods can lead to confusion, causing the product to suffer. And even with technology, humans often have to do the grunt work of mundane tasks, like shredding an RFP for crucial information. 

Is RFP software the right technology? 

Have you ever wished that you could snap your fingers and suddenly have your RFP shredded, compliant workflow established, template created and writing ideas prepped? Let us introduce you to our all-in-one RFP software, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based automation program that does all of the above within thirty seconds.

Yes, you read that right: thirty seconds. 

With the wrong technology, parsing a complex government RFP can take hours, and establishing workflow and compliance standards for a team, even more time. With the right technology — RFP automation — all of that quality time can be redirected to actually building the response, cutting your overall project time in half. 

Using automation and AI successfully

Businesses have been finding ways to automate jobs since before the computer age, knowing that a streamlined production leads to more sales or, in your case, more winning contracts. The goal of automation is to increase production efficiently, giving humans the opportunity to bypass time-consuming, rote tasks and apply their knowledge and skill to what really matters. With our software, the idea is the same: without hours spent analyzing confusing RFPs, editing chaotic resumes or making lengthy compliance checklists, you have the opportunity to actually get to writing and checking off items on your to-do list rather than continuing to add to it.

AI science has come a long way in recent years, and the progress shows in our software. Having time-consuming tasks automated is already a relief, but the AI element of our software actually helps you write and structure your response, too. With templates and phrasing recommendations based upon the information it extracts from the documents you feed it, you cut down on time spent brainstorming and planning. Simply put, AI and automation both help you work faster and more accurately. 

| When Automation Meets AI: Transforming Proposal Management

What are the drawbacks?

In a nutshell, there aren’t any drawbacks; this software allows you to shift your project into high gear and increase your odds of winning a contract. It’s a fast track to success your whole team can use with transparent communication pathways, organized task lists and intelligent design.

If you’re worried about trusting AI, fear not. The combination of automation and AI actually encourages all the things you value as a manager, writer or team member: precision, efficiency, accuracy and compliance. In other words, perfection. The software’s functions don’t disable you or your team’s ability to customize lists or change the information you’re working with — it’s still your efforts, but with a handy tool that makes the mundane tasks happen in a blink. 

An extra team at your disposal 

When deadlines loom, it’s easy to wish for a double-sized team or even one extra member to help tie up loose ends or check task assignments. When automation and AI work together on responses to RFPs, it’s like having another team to work with, one that already understands exactly what has to be done and needs no preparation. 

Don’t waste any more quality time trudging through a government RFP, searching for requirements. Let Zbizlink join your team with the right technology and watch your project become easier, cleaner and less complicated. In our book, that puts you one step closer to a successful proposal. 

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