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Introducing Dynamic Variables: Collaborative Sync for Remote Proposal Management | See How it Works

When we say we love efficiency and team collaboration, that’s exactly what we mean.

Our team has just released some new upgrades for Zbizlink to prove it. Exciting times for us here! We are taking the monotony out of repetitive tasks and transferring them into clickable steps.

Our Dynamic Variables upgrade and collaborative sync function ensure even greater stakeholder transparency and streamlined proposal management. It takes Zbizlink’s global autofill to an entirely new level, but rather than go on and on, we want to show you how it works:

1. From RFP to Proposal Response (AI grabs the data, you just refine it)

Zbizlink’s RFP Parser tool extracts data from your RFP and parses it into manageable sections for your compliance matrix, as well as for instant team assignment. That way, you can spend less time going back and forth between team members or the RFP to find requirements. Now that’s not the upgrade – we already did that – just want to make sure you were aware!

The RFP Parser saves you time and ensures compliance.

Here’s the upgrade: in the Proposal Response tab of Zbizlink, efficiency is enhanced with the Dynamic Variables function. After RFP parsing is sectioned, your contents including any uploaded attachments are aggregated into the Proposal Response tab.

What does that mean for your proposal? Keep reading.

2. Dynamic Variables factor in all team changes within the standard layout  

Proposal writers or proposal coordinators can simply add a Dynamic Variable like a Technical Proposal section or the RFP Scope into the response layout with a simple drag and drop and let the best proposal management tool take care of the rest!

When your team makes updates and changes to their assigned sections, the Dynamic Variables upgrade ensures that all changes are aggregated into the correct space with the correct information.

That’s right! Proposal submission is as simple as you applying all team changes in the Proposal Response tab, doing another once over to ensure compliance, and hitting ‘Submit’.

Sounds like a breeze right? It is.

Take a look at what else Zbizlink offers.

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Here’s quick recap… You have a government or commercial RFP or other solicitation documents such as an RFR or RFI. You upload it into the RFP Parser to let artificial intelligence automatically extract the required sections into the compliance matrix – in seconds. You, then, assign sections to the appropriate team members based on your normal proposal management process.

Team member updates and changes are easily autofilled into the proposal layout with Dynamic Variables. Did we mention that Zbizlink is mobile-friendly? Yep, your team can access their assigned sections with authorized use no matter where they are located.

Changes and proposal updates are all tracked in the Notes tab of your account so you can see who completed their assignment. Proposal management is streamlined and just like that, boom, it’s time to submit.

Zbizlink is a dynamic, cloud-based proposal management tool that helps proposal teams automate the proposal process. More than just a proposal management tool, it’s engineered to ease government and commercial proposals and support the full business development lifecycle with numerous super-smart, time-saving features – RFP Parser, global autofill, role-specific dashboards, customizable templates – and much more.

Want to see how it works? Request a demo today and we will get you started.




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