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Press Release: New Dynamic Variables uses AI to improve team collaboration and proposal management

BALTIMORE, June 3, 2020 – Zbizlink announced today the immediate release of its newest upgrade, Dynamic Variables, a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to pull dynamic data from internal sources into a centralized proposal format.

Zbizlink’s latest upgrade comes at a time when organizations seek faster, smarter solutions to respond to government and commercial requests for proposal (RFP) as government spending increases, following the peak of COVID-19. Zbizlink’s Dynamic Variables upgrade allows team member responses to be autofilled into a compliant format as team members complete assigned tasks.

“We’re excited about the efficiencies that Zbizlink creates for proposal teams,” said Amjad Nagrah, CEO of Zbizlink. “Our latest upgrade demonstrates Zbizlink’s forward movement with emerging technologies’ impact on proposal management, business process automation, and the way team members work together.”

Zbizlink’s Dynamic Variables upgrade is an advancement to the tool’s global autofill feature that leverages UX-friendly capabilities including drag and drop and collaborative sync for remote user actions.

More upgrades are scheduled to launch in the third quarter of this year.

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About Zbizlink:

Zbizlink is a dynamic, cloud-based proposal management tool for proposal teams. It combines six core business applications into a single tool to help small to corporate proposal teams automate the proposal process. More than just proposal management software, it’s engineered to ease government and commercial proposals and support the full business development lifecycle with super-smart, time-saving features and solutions.

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