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Organize the Proposal Response Process(no)

Ideally, there should be a team specifically for RFP proposals, including a team leader and key personnel. While it will frequently be necessary to augment the team members, this can be reduced, and work efficiency increased through the establishment of a permanent core team for proposal writing.

The core proposal response team should be responsible for determining whether the RFP is a go/no go. The core team will ultimately be responsible for filling any gaps among the team members. They should also determine if and when third-parties are necessary for the successful creation of a full project proposal.

There will be instances when the proposal response process benefits from using internal resources, and other occasions when third-parties will be preferential for the process. The work of in-house experts may be better used for existing projects, rather than having their attention diverted by the proposal response process. In these cases, hiring experts from outside the company may be both more beneficial and less costly, increasing the chances of creating a successful proposal.

Automate the Proposal Response Process

It is not a secret that organization and efficiency produce better results. One factor that is sometimes overlooked is consistency throughout the proposal. When a project proposal is written in bits and pieces, it can often be seen during the review process. Fortunately, there is government proposal management software that can help to automate the proposal response process.

A central team that consistently works together through the proposal response process can help to give a consistent voice. Add in the automated RFP Parser from ZbizLink and you increase your chances of maintaining not only a consistent voice, but ensuring that all of the original requirements of the RFP are matched at the same time. ZbizLink works to ensure that you can maintain and improve scale, without having to increase growth.

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