Shred (Parse) lengthy documents.

Zbizlink’s premier RFP and Resume Parser shreds lengthy documents to extract key information in less than 30 seconds.


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A RFP parser is a handy tool for capture managers, proposal managers, and proposal writers who desire to increase sales productivity and improve analysis of a request for proposal (RFP) through automated parsing/shredding.
Only the best RFP response tools offer an RFP parser option to streamline the proposal management process from the very beginning. Zbizlink’s RFP parser intelligently parses multiple documents at once.
A RFP parser offers incredible automation and intelligent capabilities that streamline request for proposal document analysis, improves compliance and win strategy, and helps reduce the time it takes to develop a compliance matrix.
Yes. Why wouldn’t you want valuable help with a cumbersome process like the proposal management process and capture management? An RFP parser provides your proposal writing team and management with a competitive advantage.
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