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What Does Parse Resume Mean?

Resume parsing is a critical technique that hiring managers and federal contractors use to determine the eligibility of potential hiring candidates. Whether you are a job-seeking candidate on the job market or a hiring professional looking for ways to screen candidates faster, understanding what parse resume means is the next step to ensuring your resume(s) are up to par. No pun intended.

Resume parsing is a bold way to deliver resume and hiring compliance that also helps produce top talent and longer retention. A parsed resume is an easier-to-read document for evaluators. 

What does that mean for your resume? It means that a resume is more readily selected after being parsed where the resume maintains a clear structure and detailed role descriptions. There is no room for resume clutter if you want to be successful with resume parsing.

Now you may be thinking that resume parsing should do the “de-cluttering” for you, and indeed the best resume parser software certainly can do so. Yet, it may require additional manual parsing and a bit more time editing the first parsed version than would be necessary with a ready-to-parse resume.

What is a Ready-to-Parse Resume?  

Resume parsing tools are smart computer systems that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the resume parsing evaluation process. As you can imagine, it takes one or two attempts for the CV parsing software to begin learning user behavior. 

A ready-to-parse resume cuts through the user behavior learning curve and introduces a document that is finely structured with clear headings and little formatting. Most online resume parsers accept Word documents and perhaps PDF documents as well. 

Limited formatting such as with a simple top to bottom layout and minimal designs helps the resume parsing tool define content and match the content with its appropriate section. 

One of the best ways to create a ready-to-parse resume that gets the best resume evaluation compliance results is to simply align your resume with the role vacancy that is open for consideration.

How Does a Resume Parser Make Hiring Better?

A resume parsing software enables faster, and accurate resume parsing to streamline the hiring process and enhance resume compliance. 

Resume compliance is the most important component of selecting the right candidate for the next job role. It contributes to hiring compliance and an increase in employee retention, which saves enterprises money and time. 

The best resume parser tool helps deliver resume compliance. A resume parser extracts data from candidate resumes that are stored or uploaded into the system. Data includes candidate experience, such as years as a Project Manager, education, certification history, technical skills, and summary qualifications. 

The system can extract the right data based on requirements.

A resume parsing software aligns the data with role-specific requirements almost instantly to provide a clear picture and understanding of the candidate in question for the role. A skills matrix with preferred and ideal candidate qualifications will be produced for reference. 

Essentially, the CV/resume parsing tool is the quickest way to reach resume compliance, especially when there are hundreds of resumes to sift through for a singular job role.


Resume parser software is more and more prevalent in several industries because – let us face it – hiring is everywhere. Job seekers and hiring managers need to know the best ways to prepare resumes and how to stay ahead of the latest resume parsing techniques. 

You know what parse resume means and why it is important to you in your career journey. Keeping the resume parser tool at the front of mind will help you stay ready for a favorable resume evaluation process.  

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