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What is an RFP Parser?

Zbizlink’s RFP Parser is a time-saving tool made specifically for proposal managers and writers, automating the grunt work of lengthy government document analysis in thirty seconds or less. In a nutshell, the RFP Parser is a fast track to writing a winning proposal. This RFP proposal tool improves quality, enables effective use of time and creates a faster performance of mundane tasks.

Working without  RFP management software

For many proposal managers and writers, receiving a new request for proposal, or RFP, signals the beginning of hours of tedious work. Parsing an RFP — analyzing the document for key specifications, tasks, and labor requirements in order to write a winning proposal — can consume large blocks of precious time, causing exhaustion, confusion and eye strain. 

For skilled and seasoned technical writers, parsing a simple RFP may be second nature. But neat, straightforward government RFPs and solicitation documents are often hard to come by. As proposal writers know, those government documents are often wordy, complex in language and concept, with formatting that makes parsing easier said than done. 

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Working with RFP management software

Zbizlink’s premier proposal response software solves this crucial preliminary aspect of creating a winning proposal by turning parsing into a streamlined, automated process. When you use a quality parser early in the process, you will see the most benefit in terms of efficiency and quality improvement. The tool will assist you in itemizing every requirement, so that you can comply with each entry. 

Gone are the days of wasting quality manpower on reading lengthy documents on-screen: the RFP Parser dissects complex RFPs, resumes and other documents in less than thirty seconds, organizing content into an outline noting important sections such as Proposal Summary, Scope and Checklist. Now, whole teams can see the trajectory of an RFP in less than one minute —  information that traditionally can take a writer hours to gather and disseminate. This means writers and team members can get to work faster, feeling confident and assured that they have all of their critical information in one easy-to-manage location.

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Why use the RFP Parser?

In addition to saving hours of time mining digital documents for necessary information, the RFP Parser creates a compliance matrix for easy workflow. A compliance matrix is a key element to creating a winning proposal: team members need to know the general outline of an RFP, but they also need details about specific requirements in each section in order to efficiently divide and assign responsibilities. In the past, determining this workflow could eat up valuable time, as communication across several platforms makes simple tasks seem more complicated. Now, the RFP Parser ensures a consistent, compliant workflow and open communication for the whole team. 

Detail-oriented team members can rest assured that the RFP Software encourages perfection, rather than restricting it. Because the produced outline and compliance matrix are fully customizable, writers and editors can adjust and change information to fit the RFP and team’s unique needs, eliminating room for error. When man and software work together, products are that much closer to perfection. 

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How does the RFP Parser work?  

The RFP Parser is hassle-free and easy to use. After uploading an RFP or desired document into the user-friendly interface, the RFP Parser extracts important information from the document and transfers it into moveable, easy to revise sections on the platform. 

The intuitive drag and drop feature of the RFP Software allows writers to easily customize and reorder outline headings and section content for faster workflow and open communication with team members. Within thirty seconds, the core elements of even the most complex, intricate documents are on display in a pleasant, practical layout. 

What about resumes? 

Zbizlink’s premier RFP software covers all the needs of proposal writers: the Resume Parser uses the same technology of the RFP Parser to quickly extract and display candidate data from often confusing resumes. The Resume Parser even highlights relevant skills in imported resumes according to the RFP requirements, organizing the information into practical templates. This makes updating information and ensuring quality on all documents a breeze. 

Getting the win

For any writer who has ever wished to snap their fingers and have their government RFP shredded into coherent sections so they can get to work, Zbizlink’s RFP Parser is a dream come true. Why waste time and effort trudging through documents the old-fashioned way, worried if fatigue was causing simple mistakes on a critical proposal? With the RFP and Resume Parser, any document is just a few clicks away from revealing the answers to a winning proposal. 

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