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Why Zbizlink Is Different

Zbizlink is a dynamic, cloud-based proposal management tool that does everything you want it to do, and so much more! It is a powerful, multi-tiered application that manages the entire proposal lifecycle from capture to contract. There are many other RFP software and tools that claim to be the best proposal management software. Here comes how Zbizlink makes a difference?

Qvidian Proposal Automation (QPA) looks like an impressive tool and Upland Software seems to be offering the same “Agile/Customer-First” approach we embrace at Zbizlink. It looks like QPA was designed to integrate with Salesforce, but maybe it works just as well on its own. Our tool CAN integrate with Salesforce, or any of your existing systems, but it was designed as a stand-alone independent proposal management software that functions to maximum advantage without any integration. It contains its own SharePoint library and contracts database. It is Word compatible and it can easily upload and download files from (or to) your hard drive or other systems.

Here is a very big difference. QPA targets medium and larger companies. We designed Zbizlink for ANY size organization, from very small to very large. The exact same Zbizlink package that we sell to large companies is available to smaller companies who cannot afford QPA, and they will get the same excellent customer service. Most likely, most of our customers will not use Salesforce, and many of them will not have that kind of budget. But with Zbizlink, they won’t need a big budget, and, by itself, it will handle all their proposal needs. ? So, these are some of the Zbizlink advantages I have ascertained, so far:

#1) Zbizlink (ZBL) is a very powerful tool that we believe can do more than QPA. It is available to smaller companies who cannot afford Qvidian (QPA) and they will get the same hands-on customer service as the largest company would get.

#2) With QPA, it is not possible to recover deleted content without going through their support team. ZBL never deletes anything, it only archives deleted files. Everything is easy to find or recover, even if you have deleted it.

#3) Using QPA, according to one review we read, a user can wait up to 20 minutes to process requests “depending on how taxed Qvidian’s servers currently are.” ZBL, which is also a cloud-based system, processes user requests concurrently in real-time and offline mode. It uses a modular system, which speeds up processing. You never have to wait more than a few seconds, and most actions are instantaneous.

#4) In QPA, SMEs need a license to use some of the features. With ZBL, no license is required. You can invite and include anyone you like to collaborate with you—to any extent—no limits! You can invite people in your network or company, as well as partners or others outside your network. You assign users a role and they can access any content accessible for that role. (You can easily change access parameters any time.)

#5) ZBL helps you create an organization profile and imports your data directly from your LinkedIn page and/or SAM (the System for Award Management, the government’s online information database about vendors who supply goods and services to federal agencies). I do not believe that QPA can do this. Your profile page allows you to promote and brand your company.

#6) After ZBL’s assistance wizard has guided you through your profile creation, you can post company or project updates and share information to your friends, partners, colleagues, or to the community at large—on LinkedIn, Twitter, Gab, Facebook, etc., right from the ZBL app. I do not believe that QPA can do this either. Soon you will be able to make your ZBL profile show up in general search engine results as well.

#7) In ZBL, as in QPA, we offer automated workflows that track progress and notify users when content is ready for their review. ZBL also tracks actions to build audit trails. But in Zbizlink, you can email and comment in real-time, on any module. (Very soon there will be a live chat feature as well.) You can send and receive reminders and notifications from any module as well. Maybe QPA also allows user to perform all these tasks from any module as well, but they do not mention it on their website or in their demo.

#8) Customized reporting in Qvidian requires coding knowledge. ZBL reporting is user friendly. Standard reports are available, and ad hoc and customized reports are easy to create, with no coding knowledge required. We offer free support to customize any report you need, any time. We do not believe that QPA offers this.

#9) ZBL’s Home page is a user-friendly dashboard, which is the brain and the portal of ZBL. It displays your project status (any number of projects) and metrics, and the content you see is customized to your role. Everyone on your team can access this information. From the dashboard, you access any feature you like and all everything you need. This offers a big advantage over most of the other proposal software.

#10) ZBL offers a capture management function that maps your capabilities to solicitation requirements, which helps you make a Go or No-Go decision. QPA does not offer this.

#11) ZBL offers a Candidate & Partner Matching feature. Our tool can already search thousands of companies and locate a good match for you to partner with, based on the requirements of a given solicitation. It can also map your combined qualifications to the requirements. It can automatically send an introduction and an invite to any potential partners you select, to begin communicating. QPA does not offer team-building assessment features.

#12) ZBL can help you locate and contact potential candidates to fulfill contract requirements. Based on the requirements, it searches your ZBL database and contacts resources. (You are continually adding and updating your ZBL resource pool, which eventually contains thousands of candidates and all their information.) We do not believe that QPA does this.

#13) ZBL offers a unique customized Proposal-Specific Resume Builder. Since solicitations frequently require specified resume formats and data for each resume you submit, ZBL streamlines this process for you. It creates a resume template, based on the solicitation, and automatically fills in the data from your candidate’s existing resume, creating a new one that meets the requirements. QPA does not offer this time-saving feature.

#14) ZBL also allows you to share and/or market your employee’s profiles to external clients—this helps you provide staffing services even when proposals are not required. We do not believe that QPA offers this way-beyond-proposal (but very related) service.

#15) ZBL stores and files all government, client, and/or partner reviews, feedback, and ratings, and it associates this data with each proposal or related/relevant content. It also saves and stores your notes on solicitations that you bid on, and those that you did not. The ZBL library provides all the information, notes, and data you need—relating to your proposal strategy and history. We do not believe that the QPA database stores all this supporting information related to each bid and solicitation.

#16) In QPA, some of the features, such as certain search options, are color coded. People who are color blind (and there are many such people) cannot conduct searches properly. We only use color coding as a secondary accent—not as a prime distinguisher.

#17) Our tool was built using the Shipley Business Processes Development Model, which is one of the top-rated proposal process frameworks (if not THE top rated). QPA does not mention that they use this model, on their site or in their demo, but maybe they do.

#18) When we read, “Qvidian’s SMB and enterprise pricing information is available only upon request,” and, “Contact the company for more details, and ask for your quote.” To us, that says, “Expensive.” ZBL was created with the prime goal of making the entire proposal process super accessible and transparent. All of our general information is accessible and transparent. Our extremely reasonable prices are published right on our Home page. — just scroll to the bottom of the screen. And we offer half price to small businesses. We are a small business, so we give them special treatment.

#19) QPA identifies a requirement and then allows you to select from a content list from previous proposals (or from any content that contained the same requirement, pre-selected by SME’s). ZBL searches a much larger and broader range of files and sources—as large as you like—giving you a much better selection to choose from. Any folders on your hard drive or systems that you sync with ZBL can be searched. This way, you will always find the most relevant content to use—no matter where it happens to be. ZBL also allows you to add and subtract, cut, paste, and combine, from a wider variety of sources and files. And all of this reduces your dependence on SMEs, since a wider range of material is available to all users.

#20) ZBL has a community focus. As more users sign on, this community will grow, and more special community-oriented features will be available. Already ZBL can search thousands of vendors and contractors registered in SAM, using a sophisticated search engine that enables a wide range of search parameters that is not available anywhere else. This feature allows you to locate the best partner for each solicitation or bid. You can also search and connect with other ZBL users, to partner, hire, collaborate, or promote your brand or services (such as recruiting and staffing). No other proposal tool incorporates networking and business and community building like ZBL.

#21) Upland Software (which acquired QPA in 2017) sells several software products. Their customer service is excellent, and we applaud them. Nonetheless, the tried and true RoboHelp isn’t quite as good as the next generation’s Flare. Like the Flare team, we believe you can raise the bar, even on a great product. The fact that QPA is a great application is one more reason why ZBL must be ahead of its time to be relevant, and why we must ensure that our customers not only have everything they need, but everything they want. If they don’t have it—we’ll have to make it. We have only one product and we are giving it everything we got. We want our users to stay with us and grow with us. We are making a tool that can do more—one that is accessible to more businesses, for less money. We aim to have 100,000 clients worldwide and treat each one like our first. ?

Please note that our quick analysis of QPA is purely based on their videos and demo online. We focused only on distinct features we could compare between ZBL and QPA— those we were believed were different.

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