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Zbizlink Can Help You Win As a Team

Both small and large proposals require proper proposal management. However large proposals, such as for the federal government, require an orchestrated team effort. Zbizlink can help you win as a team and formalize the strategies required to manage complex proposals.  Proposal managers must ensure the proposal meets all quality standards and team members keep the following points in mind:

  • Proposal Assignments
  • Delegation of Duties
  • Allocating Proposal Resources
  • Organizational Structure
  • Measuring Proposal Process
  • Opportunities for Improvement

Zbizlink has the capabilities to help proposal teams manage each. Its SaaS solution is accessible anywhere, at any time and comes ready-to-use. Your team will be able to manage proposals on desktop or mobile devices, and all data is saved in secure workspaces. Transform your proposal process with these six benefits of using Zbizlink:

Better Proposal Management Software

Templates Management

Proposal Assignments, Delegation of Duties, and Allocating Proposal Resources

  1. Zbizlink contains a Workflow Wizard that can assist team members with tedious tasks. There is a built-in guide that takes users through the project and document creation process, so no steps are missed. There are multiple choice and autofill proposal templates to handle repetitive forms, and it includes a document-approval workflow, complete with signature review for sign-off and submission. It is always available online or offline.
  2. Managers can assign tasks through a dashboard that is always accessible. Moreover, this tool is live 24/7. Users are notified of extended due dates, contract awards, addendums, amendments, frequently asked questions, and published Q&As.
  3. Stay on track by using the check-in check-out feature which displays the status of each partner’s and stakeholder’s assignment in the current business proposal.

Organizational Structure, Measuring Proposal Process, and Opportunities for Improvement

  1. To build the best possible structure for your organization, you must begin at the team level. Proposal teams can work on their strategy by employing well-thought processes that include capture management, lists, proposal templates, and selecting the best collaborators to get the job done.
  2. Zbizlink can identify and evaluate solicitations, business partners, and potential candidates by creating a requirements matrix for resumes, as well as specific skills and qualifications tables for candidates and partners.
  3. While your team works on proposal tasks, any notes they record are archived. When reviewing past performance and old proposal processes, associates can search all communication by date, folder, project, proposal, subject, or keywords.

Team dynamics will vary from proposal to proposal, but a standard for operating procedures and the right technology will ensure proposal management is seamless no matter the proposal complexity. Zbizlink will help you set your standards for quality and efficiency.

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