We had so much on our plates… It even came to a point of overworking on the same tasks for one bid and we couldn’t scale. Zbizlink simplified critical areas that our workload made us overcomplicate.” 

Faisal Askari

CEO, Cyber TRAM, Inc.

Zbizlink helps you do things better – like the way you analyze, manage, and collaborate.


Smarter Analysis.

Assess partners, team productivity, and track and qualify opportunities with AI-scoring and Parser technology to streamline Go/No-Go decision.


Better Management.

Organize planning, project management, and delivery in a customized portfolio designed to function to the user’s needs


Easier Collaboration.

Gain real-time updates and notifications on proposal progress or send messages within a secure, shared workspace that is accessible 24/7.

Automate Your Workflow from Beginning to End

Zbizlink provides the intelligence, visibility, and ease of workflow you need

from opportunity analysis to proposal development.

Having worked on proposals for 20 years – from very small grants to proposals for multibillion dollar government contracts I often wondered why companies were not using tools like this one. With a powerful tool like Zbizlink, you can work transparently and give your whole team up-to-date access to projects, content and information.
Rob Wunder

Vice President


What a great product. Zbizlink accelerates your response process with intelligent workflows that saves you time, helps our company close more deals, and allows our staff to focus on more meaningful tasks. Thanks… for an outstanding product.

Edward Lawings



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